Chapter from Morium: Terminus

Deborah and Richard Sweeny gazed at the glow radiating from the television. The drawn shades darkened the room, and only the glare illuminated their pale and terrified faces. They lay on their bed, their heads propped up by pillows, mouths agape, watching meaningless images flash before their lifeless eyes. The black satin covers, pulled up neatly to their necks, hiding the stiff bodies that lay beneath. The blood that flowed freely from their ears and eyes were dried and crusty.

Nathan lifted the picture frame displayed next to the television. He hopped on top of the oak dresser and stared at the three of them, standing in front of a sign with an eagle above it that read, Screaming Eagle.

“I remember this,” he said. “Six Flags. Must have been what, seven years ago? The last time we were an actual family.”

He spun the picture around to face them. “Remember, Mom? You promised me that if I rode the coaster, I would get the shirt I wanted. But I would have to ride it first.” He let out a dry laugh. “But it was you who ended up being scared and screaming the entire time. Believe it or not, I still have that shirt.” He set the picture down and disappeared from the room.

The emblem of an eagle, and the words Six Flags, stretched out on the shirt that was now two sizes too small for his body, leaving his stomach exposed. Nathan leaned against the door frame trying to pull the shirt down.

“It may not fit anymore, but it was something I kept in my drawer to remember the good times.”

Pulling it lower, Nathan heard the shirt rip. “Damn,” he exclaimed. He lifted the shirt over his head, but that only tore the shirt nearly in half. “This pretty much sums up what happened to us, doesn’t it?”

Nathan waved the shirt at his parents. “Kind of ironic, isn’t it? I took care of it all these years, just like you took care of me. But like this shirt, you outgrew me, and replaced me with that restaurant. When you tried to wear your love for me, it wouldn’t fit anymore. While I, finally outgrew you the moment Lexi and I found those meteorites. The more you tried to fit me into your busy lives, the larger the rip became. Well, this shirt is now worthless to me. Like you are now.”

The vibration of his anger shook the room. The television bounced towards the edge of the dresser, only to be halted by a single glance from Nathan. “I don’t know who to blame anymore. Tyler. Ethan. Stacy. Lexi. You. Hell, maybe even myself. Though, I don’t see why anyone would blame me.”

    Flipping the shirt onto Richard’s chest, Nathan levitated over, and sat down on the bed. “I tried. I really tried to forget about these powers. It was hell. Like going through a withdrawal or something. I did it for Lexi and Stacy. I did it for you two. But they pulled me back into it. Tyler, Ethan, Maddie, and Tiffany. They all had to pay for what they did. It was my responsibility to give justice to everyone they messed with all these years. I’m judge, jury, and executioner. I am… God.”