Crash course in script writing.


Now that was an interesting journey. Writing a movie script from your own book,  I assumed it would be a piece of cake. I was wrong. Way wrong. I studied. Read articles. Watched videos day and night and believed it would be as easy as simply transferring the concept into a need little 130 page screenplay. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

Trouble I found was, as being a writer, I wanted to go into detail every little thing. Wanted to write what the characters were thinking. Just read that last sentence again. At the beginning, that was my biggest downfall. My brain was still in book mode. Like switching from my YA to adult romance mode, I needed to close the door sort of speak, and open the next to a different room of thought.

First, I needed to stop writing thoughts. Yes I know, should have been common sense knowing that viewers can’t read characters thoughts. Well, it can be done, but in terms of what I was writing, it’d come out messy. Anyway, I needed to train my mind to put those thoughts into words, and actions. Lexi thoughts of being mentally beat, and wanting nothing more to do with her life, needed to be brought forward with actions, and sometimes, words. In some cases, sections were not included because of it being all thought based. In other times, I needed a scene to be expanded.

That brings me to the next part, which, bleeds into the one above. Most of the time copying dialogue word for word didn’t work. Yes, there we’re times where I could, but for the most part, it didn’t. There were occasions that called upon me to change the dialogue to fit the before mentioned thought scenes. That is where the challenge laid. Once I managed to get comfortable in my mindset, I started to breeze through the last half of the script.

Finally, every author looks back on their first book and says to themselves, “I could’ve done that part so much better.” Come on, admit it, we’ve all said it. As I was reading through MORIUM, I found myself with those thoughts. This gave me the chance to correct some of what I believed, could have been done better. In the script, there is one particular scene, which I can’t divulge, that packs more emotional punch than the book and really shows the friendship between the characters.

That was my first journey into script writing. What started as a chore at first, turned into a fun and exciting learning experience. It is now in the hands of my producer, to ship off for interest. When / if it goes into pre-production, it will go through a script doctor to flesh out the final version.  In the meantime, I kept the script true to the book. I’m sure, or at least I’m hoping, my skills will sharpen as I adapt the other two books.

Thanks for reading, and in whatever your journey is, may the wind be at your back.


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